Whether you home school, want to help your kid with their regular school home work or just are looking to turn as many moments you spend with your child as possible into "learning moments", use our easy lesson plans to help build your child's brain in a way that simply feels like play.

What makes these lesson plans successful is that you and the child do them with your bodies as much as with your brain. You learn how to "become" numbers, to embody story and language, to act out mathematical concepts in ways that make sense on an instinctive level without any anxiety because as stated above it is all designed to simply feel like play.

Our lesson plans go from the most basic communication through the first forays into numbers and literacy, to advanced pre-college math.

Yet it never feels like work.

These lesson plans have been designed in collaboration with adult autists, children of all cognitive levels, neuro-scientists, teachers, and university professors to create a truly effective but most importantly fun way to build the brain's intellectual capital.

Join the growing number of people benefiting from this increased brain power. Don't miss out on the chance to get both your and your child's brains working at top capacity.

More and more school districts, home schooling groups, and parents are benefiting from the Movement Method Lesson Plans. Don't rob yourself of the opportunity to join them. Access our Lesson Plans here.

If you can't find a specific lesson plan, then use our Forum. And our team of teachers and university professors are happy to create one for the lesson you are trying to teach.

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