Fighting what seems like a losing battle with school, job, opinions of in laws - or all of the above?

These are the daily experiences of most special needs families as well as of course many families who are not special needs - and many teachers and therapists end up feeling overwhelmed, too.

It's a big job.

Unless you begin to cultivate really deliberate coping strategies - and teach them to your kids as well - it can put you under water sometimes.

Equally, it can be very difficult to advocate - for yourself, for your child to know know how to self advocate - unless you have some specific tools to make this possible. Those tools you will find in our (just launched and still growing) Mini Course: Stress and Coping

Some of the best strategies we know for this for you to use and join the growing number of people who are managing to find their way through the labyrinth and out the other side to happiness and self advocacy.

Strategies that we have found consistently useful time and again, no matter whether you are a parent, a therapist, teacher or indeed the person with the diagnosis, include: Neuro-feedback; self-compassion (if done in moderation); truly knowing how your brain works, so you know what to stress about and what not to stress about; how exercise tames and lessons stress; how diet can also help massively with this; and even how in the moment interventions such as EFT, tapping and intense visualization, as well as time in nature all contribute to creating a base happiness that keeps your inspiration alive and your energy high even when things are beating you down.

As you get more adapt at these techniques you get quicker at retrieving crisis moments and better at preventing them in the first place.

You can also start to make the impossible - or what seems impossible - work in your favor.

This is where it gets really interesting.

Also remember coping with stress is so much better when one can talk about it. So use our Forum to find support.