Are you an autism parent going nuts - you've tried everything, but nothing really seems to work and it's all so expensive?

We have the solution.

Our mini course Addressing Behaviors is a collection of what has been taught to us by autistic people themselves, have been tested and proven with vast numbers of children over the past 15 years and the Methods are endorsed by neuro-scientists.

As Dr. Temple Grandin says of Movement Method - the name of our approach - "It works".

We have scores of really practical lessons for you to apply over 20 classes which include everything from toilet training to meltdowns to diet to social skills, crisis situations, obsessive behaviors and a host of others. Basically if you are experiencing it, we've got a module for it that has been tried and tested and is endorsed by both autistic people themselves and neuro-scientists.

Have a look at our sample module about "Losing the Fear of the Toilet" here.

If you can't find your specific issue in our modules, then use our Forum. Many parents find it extremely useful to post their challenges - and the personalized answers they get from other parents, adult autists, and our team of experts in the field often result in the much needed solution.

Don't suffer in isolation, join this ever growing community of people finding real solutions. Don't miss out on what so many others are benefiting from daily, access the Mini Course Addressing Behaviors here.