The Science of Learning

Why do Movement Method and ATHENA℠ /Horse Boy℠ Method work?

In this class you will learn what we have learned in almost two decades why the scientist believe what we do works. No matter who you are or what brought you to this page. If you do not do anything else on here, please check at least this free course out. It will help you understand why you or your child might be stuck or why you guys are thriving, why some therapists/teachers/carers are just able to help a child succeed and why others seem to make them regress. The science explained here is easy to understand. We have simplified what we have learned of the past two decades from the scientist we work with to make it accessible and easy to remember.


Science of Learning Free Course

Science of Learning Free Course

Start here to begin to understand the Science behind the Methods and why what we do works according to neuro scientists.

This course is free for anyone. You do not need to register, so just start now.

4 lessons 1 hour Beginner