• A place where everyone fits in

    Living with depression can be a daily struggle, as it can surface at the most inconvenient times. For this reason, I have often found it is a perfect excuse to avoid any situation which might trigger it.

  • Endangerous: Tracking Wolves

    Last month saw Rowan, Rupert, Iliane and Jenny frantically buying warm clothes and snow shoes before embarking on a journey to Yellowstone National Park to track wolves for Rowans on-line television show ‘Endagerous.’

  • Gotta Catch’em All, Trey!

    Pokemon Go is a new app that has created lots of interest from young people to old all around the world! It has also captured the attention of one of the kids that attends playdates at Horse Boy Headquarters in Elgin, Texas which provided us with the perfect opportunity to work with him on social skills and academics in a way that would be intrinsically motivating.

  • Joyful Exploration

    • Humans are natural explorers. We are born with an intense desire to explore the world around us. We can become anesthetized to this but our brain never loses the ability to learn in this way (Medina, 2008).
    • Companies that give staff time to explore where their mind asks them to have increased productivity and creativity (Medirata, 2007).
    • Children who spend less time in structured activities and more time playing and exploring have better self-directed executive function.
      Executive function is essential for flexibly switching between different activities rather than getting stuck on one thing, stopping yourself from yelling when angry, delaying gratification etc.
  • Ru's weekly autism tip: don't try it alone! build your Tribe!

    Easier said than done i know. Most of us live pretty isolated family lives - you and your spouse (if you have one), the kids, your home - that's it.

    Which is fine until a crisis hits.

    Then you'd better have some people around you.


     It doesn't matter whether you use horses. It doesn't matter whether you use ABA, Horse Boy Methods, PECS, Sunrise, Play Therapy, Floortime, or a cocktail of all of them if you don't get the environment right - forget it.


  • Scub: Help Ma bring her sexy back ! Week 1

    Here is an example of a Horse Boy Method activity prepared for Scub.

    Scub beloved Horse Betsy passed away two years ago. Since then he hasn’t really ridden other horses and we wanted to plan a fun way to reintroduce new horses to Scub.

  • The art of joyful exploration

    John Medina, a world class molecular biologist writes in his bestselling book ‘Brain Rules’ that if we look back at our evolutionary history we will see that the human brain evolved to (1) solve problems (2) related to survival (3) in an unstable outdoor environment, and (4) to do so in nearly constant motion.

  • The joy of running

    This little autistic boy was a runner. Everywhere he went, he would run, in stores, museum, nature parks,...

  • The joy of running

    This little autistic boy was a runner. Everywhere he went, he would run, in stores, museum, nature parks,...