• Following my child through a fairy door to a wholehearted life

    It's Saturday today, a big day.  We are driving to a high school for equine studies, it is their open day today. My daughter asked me: "Is it normal that I have a knot in my tummy?" I say: "Yes, that is perfectly normal. We are going to see a school we are you have never been before and where you would like to study for four years, this is big. So it is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous."
  • Graduation Day for Gitti Berkhoff January 2019

    We are very happy to announce that Gitti Berkhoff from Ahlen Germany succesfully completed her certification for Basic Horse Boy Method Practioner.

  • Joyful Exploration

    • Humans are natural explorers. We are born with an intense desire to explore the world around us. We can become anesthetized to this but our brain never loses the ability to learn in this way (Medina, 2008).
    • Companies that give staff time to explore where their mind asks them to have increased productivity and creativity (Medirata, 2007).
    • Children who spend less time in structured activities and more time playing and exploring have better self-directed executive function.
      Executive function is essential for flexibly switching between different activities rather than getting stuck on one thing, stopping yourself from yelling when angry, delaying gratification etc.
  • No Pressure Learning: How to Test a Child without triggering fight, flight or freeze response

    Research shows that if a person feels under too much pressure this can cause stress and the production of the hormone cortisol.

  • Ontmoet onze nieuwe Trainer Ellen Schuringa

    We zijn super enthousiast om onze nieuwe Horse Boy Method 1 trainer aan u voor te stellen:

    Ellen Schuringa

  • Our trip to the Horse Boy Camps in the UK

    In the summer of 2017 my son, Max and I (a single, self employed mom) received a grant from the Horse Boy Foundation to go on a trip to the UK and visit two centres for a Horse Boy camp: New Leaf Triangle and Equine Learning CIC. A truly great opportunity for Max as well as for me as a Horse Boy Method and Movement Method trainee trainer and an autism parent.

  • Presentation of new study in Horse Boy Method

    Today is a very exciting day for us. Rupert Isaascon and PhD candidate Marloes Ernst will present the new study into the effects of one of our techniques: Long Lining.2016 01 31 NewTrails Mahanja in LL

  • Ru's weekly autism tip The Gifts of Autism

    When I first got the diagnosis for my son, one of the things that I noticed immediately was the negative language around autism that the professionals used when talking to me about it. "Deficit, Dysfunction, Disorder, even Disease.." the 'd' words that I came to know all too well in those first weeks and months.

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip Your Friend: Oxytocin

    The happiness hormone - more importantly the COMMUNICATION hormone. Why did none of the professionals tell me about this when I first set out upon this autism adventure with my son?

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Create an Environment Within an Environment

    So we know that nature and freedom of movement are key when working with neurological difference as most of these excellent people can be shut down by man made industrial sensory triggers and are kinetic learners.We also need a 'yes' environment to encourage communication.

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Forewarned is forearmed - know the sensory issues before you try to connect!

    Whether its your own child or whether you are working professionally with neuro-difference, the most important thing is to avoid the Cell Danger Response.

  • Ru's weekly Autism Tip: Remember what Autism actually means

    Many of us use the word every day but what does the word 'autism' mean?

  • Scub: Help Ma bring her sexy back ! Week 2

    Week 2:

    By the second week Scub said “ Let’s go get Ma!”

    He walked over to her field, walked her over to the tack room and took her riding arena.

  • The “Journalist” Mind

    Recently, Rowan has started to become a journalist and has become very active in his own learning, interviewing the people around him in order to explore deeply some topics of the national curriculum related to history, spanish, math...Leading the interview and writing down the answers himself; it’s extraordinary how far he has come.

  • The art of joyful exploration

    John Medina, a world class molecular biologist writes in his bestselling book ‘Brain Rules’ that if we look back at our evolutionary history we will see that the human brain evolved to (1) solve problems (2) related to survival (3) in an unstable outdoor environment, and (4) to do so in nearly constant motion.

  • The magic of the trampoline

    Gui was a 8 years old boy.

    This day, he was having a meltdown, he was crying and screaming; he was trying very hard to calm himself down but nothing would work. He would say “I just don’t know how”, he was looking for something that would make him happy again but he couldn’t find his way out of it, he would say “I’m crying like a baby and I don’t like it”. 

  • The power of humor

    We have a rule here at Horse Boy. If the child you are working with has not laughed in the last five minutes it's time to do a silly dance, fart or make up a ridiculous song. Why? Because laughter promotes communication, trust, attention and above all oxytocin.

  • The power of humor

    We have a rule here at Horse Boy. If the child you are working with has not laughed in the last five minutes it's time to do a silly dance, fart or make up a ridiculous song. Why? Because laughter promotes communication, trust, attention and above all oxytocin.

  • Woody hanging out

    Where is Woody?

    Johnathan was a five year old boy.

    He loved “Woody”, the character from the famous kids’ movie “Toy Story”. He was always wearing the same boots as Woody, and would imitate Woody’s poses.

    While riding on the horse he would pretend to be Woody riding his horse “Bullseye”.