Now is our time and responsibility to spread the word. Movement Method and Horse Boy have answers. COVID 19 causes a massive challenge for our global society. In the US and other countries, lockdown orders and social distancing regulations challenge the human race as never before.

Psychologists are struggling with the mental health crisis in children and adolescents that this pandemic triggers. Scientists are trying to figure out the effects on social and emotional well-being. (Goldberg 2020). Researchers are frantically trying to use behavioral and social science to help during this current health crisis allowing alignments of human behavior with epidemiologists and health expert advice. (Bavel, Baicker, Boggio, et al., 2020) Lockdown orders are like a comfortable prison sentence, but with similar isolating experiences- people suffer!


The psychologists had to balance the advice from health care professionals with the harm to human’s emotional health. In this case for a limited time, they had to support the lockdown orders, but certainly, try to investigate the follow-up effects and how to best socially and emotionally support this generation who suffered through this.

Personally to me, that means it has to have effects on reshaping the education system, not just to include physical distancing but to support damaged social and emotional health. I feel research needs to greatly contribute to the use of innovative approaches to allow our children and teens to cope and build strength. As stated by a recent study conducted by the Harris Poll, The COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of American life, from health and work to education and exercise.” This study also found immense stress increase in over 3000 adults in the USA caused by reasons like self-isolation, missing out on major milestones, and of course distant and online learning, etc. (APA, 2020)

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I have heard many of us say, “now is not the time- educators and parents are overwhelmed and there are so many uncertainties”- but I think NOW is exactly the time we need to act.

What can be done is to develop human beings ready to cope with certain stresses, reduce them when possible, and have a healthy social-emotional life to be able to work through issues like this.  Look at some of the MM and HB creative pictures included in this blog- there are millions more available for anybody still in doubt that this is an incredibly innovative and creative step forward. Reshaping the education system has to happen now anyway. Reshaping the way we teach and learn will also have to greatly adapt and be guided by more innovation and creativity. Many folks noticed that exercise/ movement and reconnecting to nature helped them stay sane, helped their kids get what they needed, support their teens to stay active. My personal teens only coped because they were able to go hiking, hammocking, walk the dogs… and so many others of our practitioners mentioned the same coping strategies for their clients and kids and themselves. Many used self-care mechanism likes spending time with their ‘tribe’, spending time with their animals, and enjoying a slowed version of life by gardening, doing home projects, and finishing many things that were usually pushed aside by busy schedules.

It is the ideal time to use Movement Method and Horse Boy strategies and implemented them into daily life where learning and teaching are happening. Please spread the word and let us know how we can help.

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