Congratulations to Premrudee Gaye Pantrat for becoming a Basic Movement Method Mentor! There are so many amazing things to say about Gaye, I am not even sure where to start. Trained by Rupert and Joell, she has had some of the best mentors available, however, she already had that natural talent and the heart in the right spot to becoming a master of Movement Method.


Not only did she create a safe haven, a resting place for the restless soul, an environment of shared happiness, a place of true and full inclusion, but she continues to reach out to the world around her to spread the message of acceptance, appreciation, and best ways of learning. She is a global advocate for this work and will continue to touch many lives. During these times of hardship, with COVID19 challenging dreams, hope, and plans, and the African Horse Sickness threatening our equine friends even at Farm de Lek, she tirelessly continued her work, kept a smile and positive attitude, became the rock for many to lean on, and protected our ponies with everything her family had to offer. And not only that- she was there for her family and friends, continued to run her businesses as good as possible, and ‘on the side’ sent in her case studies, video after video, jumped through all the hoops and finalized her Basic Movement Mentor evaluation phase- wow- if that is not impressive, I do not know what is. I am deeply honored to be able to work with such a true-hearted person on a mission and vision to continue and grow this work for more people to have access. We are excited to see where this journey might take her! A job exceptionally done! Congrats!